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A journey to the end of the world

Daniel has been laying low with the original music for a while, however for good reason.

Over the last few months he has been traveling the world onboard one of the finest Luxury cruises that sails the seas - The Seabourn Quest.

Joining Trio del soul as lead guitarist and vocalist, Daniel has been fortunate enough to travel from Montreal, Canada through a number of various countries including Quebec, Halifax - Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor in the Untied States of America to Boston, Miami, New York.

Daniel had the opportunity to experience the Panama Canal crossing down the South coast of The United States visiting Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and is currently on the way to Antarctica.

Humbled by the opportunity, he has been focusing on enjoying the moment trying not to get too caught up in the pressure of constantly releasing music as most artists do. Content with where he is at the moment, living in the Grace of each day, I am certain he will be drawing much inspiration for future projects.

Follow his journey on Instagram to be a part of his wonderful experience.

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