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My heart’s side of the story

Daniel hasn’t released a song for over three years. Working tirelessly on his craft as a producer, songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist, he has teamed up with Sarah Joy who is a classically trained multi instrumentalist, singer- songwriter, composer and music educator from Texas.

This story is quite an interesting one. Daniel contacted Sarah toward the end of 2016 asking her if she would be interested in working together. Sarah is an artist who works harder than a lot of artists around; constantly working with a number of people and releasing her own music, with over 2 million YouTube plays, 250 000 Spotify plays on one of her many songs. Daniel ended up waiting about 9 months to work with Sarah.

Patience, perseverance and persistence lead Daniel to finally work with her. He sent Sarah his very first idea he thought she might just think was okay.

Upon sending her this idea, her parents - ‘ Juilliard graduates’ they insisted she work on a full album with him.

Daniel plays everything by ear and has no knowledge when it comes to reading and or writing music. He was extremely humbled by this opportunity.

Producing his very first song “My heart’s side of the story” he included Sarah Joy to bring you a unique sound made from the depths of their souls. Having never met in person.

Infusing Sarah’s majestic voice and cello playing, with Daniels ever growing raspy vocals, mixed and mastered by Tiki Horea from Romania written by Daniel deuschle and Daniel Jenkins, artwork by Sophie banks - he is pleased to release “My heart’s side of story” on Sunday 29 July 2018 with a music video Sarah Joy worked so hard to create.

We hope you like it and keep a look out for much more to come!

Sarah Joy


Instagram: sarahjoymusic

Mixed and mastered by Tiki Horea


Instagram: tikiproducer

Sophie Banks - Artist


Instagram: sops_banks

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