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For I know the plans I have for you

Shortly after arriving in the UAE almost a year ago, Daniel was fortunate enough to spend a weekend away in Ajman. Daniel visited The Kempinski Hotel, one of the leading 5 Star Hotels in the world, set on the Arabian Gulf, with a beach named as the best in the UAE. Daniel immediately fell in love with the Hotel and dreamed of working there some day. It is no simple saying that the Lord knows the plans he has for you. Daniel firmly believes that no matter what situation you are put in, you are there for a purpose and that every moment of your life is planned. Daniel was fortunate enough to recently audition at the Kempinski Hotel and is extremely excited to be taking up residency from early October. For any travellers wishing to stay at Kempinski Hotel, join Daniel and Elane Smith, 6 nights a week, entertaining guests in the 1897 Lounge. 

Click on the photo above for more information on the hotel. 

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