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Die with memories not dreams

Before moving to the UK, Daniel deactivated his social media sites for three months to try and focus on music. Upon being in the UK for two months, Daniel was set to move to Birmingham to find a day job due to financial circumstances.

Little did Daniel know, the very day he decided he was going to work in Birmingham. Packed and ready for his last week out on the farm in Bridgewater, he received a message from his father saying there was an opportunity to work at a 5 Star resort in the United Arab Emirates.. Colin Law who shared the link had actually added Daniel's father on Facebook a week before the opportunity arose and was the man behind kickstarting Daniel's career in 2015 by organising a professional photoshoot, stylist and videographer of which has helped him immensely today.

Daniel, jumping on the idea of being able to sing and do what he loves most everyday, had slept 35 hours in two weeks, after numerous skype calls, audition clips and a lot of work.

Daniel had been offered a 4 month contract to perform at the prestigious 5 Star Danat Al Ain Resort where he is now alongside the very talented "Platinum" band which includes singers Stefnie Perlman & Elanè Smith and Bass player Jason Vex.

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